Happy Valentines Day!

Off to the store we went today, on the hunt for Valentine's Day photo shoot paraphernalia. Four tubes of cheap-o lipstick and some heart garland and we are ready for the makings of Cupid cuteness. It was a miracle that we were able to get this shot. Navi hasn't worn a tutu since she was able to crawl (aka: get away from mom) and she does not dig that tulle fabric let me tell you. Luckily for me, theres nothing quite as funny to her right now as a good ole fashioned fake sneeze :). Happy Valentines Day from me and this little chubby Cupid :)!

Psssst! If you're going to put kisses with cheap lipstick all over your baby, make sure you have some makeup remover or baby oil on hand to wash off said kisses. I had neither. Navi went to bed tonight looking like she has bruises all over her face. Way to go, mom. Way to go.


  1. This is THEE cutest thing!! I adore your little blog! You have a beautiful little family :)

    New follower! :)


    1. Thanks, Shio! Welcome- Glad you're here :)

  2. I would like your permission to use your photo above on my FB business page www.facebook.com/thebestfaceforward I will credit you/your blog, of course!


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