Our January.

This month Navi has discovered the fun that is to be had in making messes. The pantry is really her jam, she digs clapping a few bags of croutons together or pulling apart the coffee filters. Sandy has figured out that wherever Navi is, there is usually food. So the arrangement goes something like 1 puff for Navi, 5 puffs for Sandy. She had her first fever this month- woke up with a temperature and feeling super lousy the morning of my birthday. Turns out she had roseola, so it was a week of sadness, sleeplessness, tears (from both of us), fever and then the cherry on top- a wicked rash. Not fun. On the plus side, we had a rogue warm-melt-the-snow type of day thrown into the typical blizzardy mix so we got to take her outside to enjoy the grass. She hasn't got to be in the grass since she could crawl so she was all about it. And we may not ever have to mow the lawn this summer- Navi is going to be our resident goat- she will just graze the yard down when it gets long ;)

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