Growing life.

I'm officially past my "due date". Even though I know that due dates are more of "best guess" dates, I am still starting to get antsy to meet my little Sweet Feet. I don't think I've felt antsy at all this entire pregnancy, but something about passing up that day that you had in the back of your mind as your potential meeting day, just seems to turn the tables in the patience department. I know this baby will come whenever its ready, and in the meantime, I am going to continue to do my best with being patient and marveling at how precious it is to grow a life.

What a gift we as women are given to be able to experience the power of growing life inside of us. You are carrying around another person inside of you. A person that you love so deeply without ever having met them. You may be completely clueless as to how to be a mother but your body knows exactly what to do- growing and changing and taking care of baby's every need is second nature. How cool is that?! Beyond cool.

We took this picture a few weeks ago and I can't wait to frame it in the baby's nursery. I will cherish this picture always. A sweet reminder of this little piece in time that I can hold my baby safely inside of me, and lull my angel to sleep with just the sound of my beating heart.

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